Why should you care about Lean for software development?

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  • You are building a large product and you want to give your customers high visibility into your progress before you deliver.
  • You operate an online service or application and you want to deliver frequent product enhancements to your users.
  • You are building to schedule and you want to deliver the maximum value in the time available with minimum risk.
  • Your product requires professional contributions from people with non-overlapping skill sets (artists, engineers, subject matter experts) who have to coordinate with each other in order to deliver anything.
  • You outsource some part of your development process.
  • You have technology suppliers.
  • You are a technology supplier.
  • Your old product requires maintenance while your new products are under development.
  • You care about time to market for new features.
  • You have a competitor.

If you don’t have any of these problems, then maybe you don’t need Lean.