A good example of autonomation in software engineering

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…is the class invariant.

Class invariants and contracts are not about testing. They are about reliability. The purpose of a class invariant is to minimize the state space of the system, both at design time and at run time. A class invariant is an extension to your type system. You will get the most power from them if you think about them and use them in that way. I love dynamic languages, but the people who bitch the most about type systems probably don’t understand how to use them correctly. The compiler is your friend. Static analysis is your friend. Class invariants make types smarter.

Reliable systems fail at the earliest opportunity. Sounds counterintuitive?

The loom stopped instantly if any one of the warp or weft threads broke. Because a device that could distinguish between normal and abnormal conditions was built into the machine, defective products were not produced.

- Taiichi Ohno